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Great Houghton Parish Council – Background

Great Houghton is a former mining village in South Yorkshire; with approximately 1,300 properties and 2,500 residents. It is located east of Barnsley and is ideally placed for workers to commute to Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham.

The Parish Council owns and is responsible for the Welfare Hall, which is hired out at very competitive rates and the children’s play area on Pleasant Avenue, It also leases and maintains Church Street play area and 122 allotments from the Fitzwilliam Estate. The allotments are all currently allocated but please contact the clerk if you wish to be placed on the waiting list.

There are 11 voluntary Councillors who make up the Parish Council, and they know the village intimately. Their role includes representing the residents views to other authorities such as the Borough Council on issues such as planning, and also lobbying for improvements to highways, and road safety etc.

The Parish Councillors also determine and set policies for the social, cultural, welfare and environmental needs of Parish residents and they employ a Clerk to implement the various policies.

If you need to contact the Parish Council please use the general contact information on the contact page.

General Information

Parish Councils are the most un-bureaucratic and very much the cheapest kind of local authority. They receive no general government grant (unlike Borough Councils) so raise the majority of their income from a precept, a small tax that is levied on all properties within the village as part of the council tax.

A Parish Council has a surprising number of powers in order that it can carry out its functions to improve the quality of village life for its parishioners. Although, with a small tax base (unlike the larger villages/towns) Great Houghton Parish Council, along with most small villages, is limited in what it can achieve.

Great Houghton Parish Council has, 6 meetings a year, which are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each alternate month within the Welfare Hall.  Details of all these meetings are displayed on the Parish noticeboards and web site. It is vital that the community acknowledges, understands and supports the Parish Council. To this end, provision is made at all regular meetings of the Council for questions to be put by members of the public and responses to be made. A Parish Council’s expenditure must be made in accordance with Acts of Parliament. Its accounts must be made public to parishioners and they are strictly audited by Government appointed auditors.

Dates of Meetings

Meetings of the Parish Council are held every 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings in the Welfare Hall commencing at 6:30pm. Dates of upcoming meetings can be found on the main Minutes page.

Please note that should you wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council at a meeting these should be put in writing to the Clerk 2 weeks beforehand. Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact him at the address listed on the Contact page.

The Council

Cllr D P Coates

Cllr John Bembridge

Cllr George Frame
Cllr Alan Gothard
Cllr Phil Gregg
Cllr C Halliday
Cllr Debbie Hanson
Cllr D Pearson
Cllr K L Sylvester
Cllr J Webdzell

Mr Martin Fensome

Ms. T. Gregory